The IFS Difference

Technology-aided value

IFS integrates industry leading programs and technology for maintenance reporting, scheduling, operations, budgeting, and financial analysis. The following are standard resources included with every facilities maintenance agreement, through our customized web-based commercial maintenance management system (CMMS):

  • Automated preventative maintenance scheduling and real time tracking ensures prescribed maintenance schedules are being met
  • Service requests are dispatched directly to an IFS technician’s smart phone for prompt attention
  • Comprehensive equipment inventory and service schedules
  • Warranty and key inspection dates are tracked
  • Results of lower maintenance and capital costs
  • Reduced equipment failure and service disruptions
  • Extended equipment life

Web-based data collection services provide customizable forms with browser and mobile-based report formatting

  • Image capture and markup capabilities for efficient identification of visual action items
  • Data and images are made available via web access for extract and further analysis
  • Reports, data and images via email delivered immediately