Our facility services are tailored for both property managers and building owners.

Facility Maintenance & Management

We offer a full range of day-to-day maintenance services. From a leaking faucet to a burst pipe, our experienced technicians will help keep your end user happy. You are in the middle of two discerning audiences. Your occupants want everything to work and your owners want happy tenants. We provide both.

HVAC, Mechanical & Controls

Keeping your building comfortable, efficient and trouble-free requires systems to be running at peak performance all the time. You need a proactive team that not only performs service as needed, but also helps prevent issues with monitoring and preventive maintenance. IFS does this and more.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

How would you like your phone to ring less? Or have fewer surprise repairs? That’s the benefit of IFS preventive and predictive maintenance services. IFS gets you ahead of the repair or replacement to ensure your costs go down and your value goes up.

Facility Improvement Projects

Whether you have an empty shell or a space that’s already been built out with tenant improvements from the previous occupant, you want to make it yours. Customize your space, make your team comfortable, and impress your visitors without lifting a finger.

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