Our most asked questions.

Q: What areas does IFS Service?

A: IFS is a single source services provider – whatever your facility needs, we are can handle it internally or in conjunction with one of our trusted service partners. Whether the need is mechanical system maintenance or a complete facility management plan, we have the team to deliver.

Q: My business is small and has a limited budget. Can we afford you?

A: Whether large or small, we strive to establish long-term working partnerships. Historically, through our preventive maintenance programs we have been able to deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings for our clients. We also assist owners and facility managers with the development of long-term capital plans to better manage their expenses.

Q: We are considering purchasing a building, when should I engage IFS as a trusted partner to assist us in assessing its operating condition?

A: Purchasing a commercial building is challenging. Engaging IFS as early in the process as possible, but definitely before a purchase and sale agreement is executed, could save you significant repair and capital expenses upon acquisition. IFS deploys a specific operational review model based on decades of experience to let you know where you may experience issues so you can plan accordingly BEFORE you become the owner.

Q: Does IFS respond to after-hours emergency calls?

A: Yes. The benefit of having IFS as your trusted facilities maintenance or management partner is you have a team of on-call technicians available when you need them most.

Q: What type and size of facilities do you service?

A: IFS manages and maintains facilities from smaller owner-occupied buildings to larger multi-building environments and leased space locations.

Q: How many years of experience does IFS have?

A: The IFS’ leadership team averages 30+ years of facility maintenance and management experience.

Q: How would you maintain my property and equipment?

A: IFS builds a computerized maintenance management program specific to the needs of the building and its equipment to ensure the impact to your work environment is minimized. Service requests are responded to in a timely manner and a historical record of the work performed is created and reported back to our clients.