HVAC Apprenticeship Program

Category HVAC: August 16, 2022

Associate Builders and Contractors, or ABC, is a national trade association for the construction services industry. ABC offers apprenticeship programs that allow qualified individuals to gain additional education to fill these much-needed roles. IFS is a member of ABC. This year, five dedicated IFS maintenance technicians have committed to participate in the HVAC Apprenticeship Program.

The ABC Apprenticeship Program allows technicians to advance their technical skill while continuing to work full-time. In addition to the HVAC Apprenticeship Program, there are a number of trades available. With a combination of classroom learning, as well as on-the-job training, the program provides technicians with the opportunity to further develop their skills and execute them to the highest degree.

The HVAC Apprenticeship Program is a four-year program that our technicians will begin at the end of August. They will attend class once per week while also working full-time and completing one night of self-study. Per academic year, they will complete a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and 160 hours of academic class studies.

IFS Senior Vice President of Facility Management, Robert Stefanski, remarked, “We are thrilled to have a new group of facility service professionals take the next step in their career journey. ABC’s HVAC Apprenticeship Program provides the path for a skillset that will last a lifetime. We couldn’t be more excited, and it’s a testament to our learning-centered culture.”

To learn more about apprenticeship opportunities through ABC, visit  abcmeritjobs.com. 

Good luck to Jason, Rocky, Jacob, Aaron, and Zach as they take this step in their careers!