How Our Values Drive the Way We Do Business

Category Facility Maintenance: July 19, 2022

IFS prides themselves on delivering quality service to its customers. With a facility maintenance mindset, each associate is ready to deliver excellence. Here is an example of putting IFS values into practice.

Recently, an IFS maintenance technician stopped by the Agora office facility for a routine maintenance check on the HVAC system. While the condenser coils were recently cleaned, the cottonwood this summer is leading to excess build-up. The technician took the time to clean the condenser coils again to ensure the HVAC unit would continue to run efficiently. This simple preventive maintenance step is a great example of looking ahead and anticipating before there is a problem. Dirty condenser coils can cause damage to an HVAC unit. By taking this extra step, the technician made sure the system was running at peak efficiency during the hot summer season.

Core values are more than just statements – they are designed to reflect the actions of the company. By practicing them, they become a part of the everyday approach to work. One of the IFS technicians described it this way:

“During one of our busiest seasons, it is easy to become overwhelmed from the pressure of this demanding service environment. When we practice our core values continuously, they become habit. Honesty, integrity, teamwork, communication, customer commitment – these are the values we try to instill in each other and that will help meet the demands of the job. Along with good work/life balance, the commitment to our core values gives us the satisfaction of a job well done and our customers the service experience they desire and deserve.”

To learn more about the values that guide IFS, visit, About Us – Integrated Facility Services.