Facilities Maintenance Operations Planning

Category Blog: March 30, 2023

Integrated Facility Services (IFS) was recently invited to evaluate the opportunity to develop a facilities maintenance services proposal for a local business with multiple locations. The prospective client’s objective is to develop a comprehensive operations plan to manage key components of thirteen different buildings. The end goal is to develop a consistent and measurable approach to maintenance of a portfolio of properties with similar needs.

As part of the fact gathering stage, IFS needed to understand the size and age of each facility along with historical utility usage; specifically, water, gas, and electric. A master spreadsheet was created to provide the client with a tool to input key points of data. We also developed a series of questions to better understand how the facilities were currently managed and maintained. Questions included:

  • How are service requests generated? What system do you use and can reports be generated for the past two years showing service requests at the individual facility level?
  • How are proactive and reactive maintenance needs tracked?
  • Who performs facility inspections and what is the scope of those inspections?
  • Who schedules preventative maintenance needs of equipment?
  • How is energy usage tracked at each facility?
  • When was the last energy audit performed at each facility?
  • What consumable supplies are used at each facility? Are they purchased through a centralized account?
  • What reports would leadership like to receive that would assist with making informed decisions?

Equipped with good input data, the outcome will be a comprehensive proposal designed to address the prospective client’s needs along with a recommended implementation plan.